SAESI STRATEGY: - Waste Management Strategies. The ideal waste management alternative is to prevent waste generation in the first place. Hence, waste prevention is a basic goal of Waste Minimization. Recycling and Reuse: the waste hierarchy refers to the "3 Rs" reduce, reuse and recycle, which classifies waste management strategies according to their desirability in terms of waste minimisation leading to Biological Treatment and Incineration.



The objectives of the organisation shall be to support agencies and parastatals:

  1. To provide 24 hours emergency response support services.

  2. To provide a regular patrol team against fire outbreaks and any other natural or man-made disasters in our environment.

  3. To provide traffic management safety officer to areas where regular traffic warders are out of reach or at times when the regular traffic wardens must have closed from work.

  4. To provide safety advisory services and support to institutions and corporate bodies, market places, shops, hotels, filing stations, government buildings, with own responsibilities to guard against fire outbreak, waste dumping, security threats, vandalization, etc.

  5. To monitor and participate in the discharge of environmental sanitation activities such as evacuation of drainages, guarding against indiscriminate and improper disposal of refuse etc.

  6. To serve as safety officers on collaboration on programs with responsibility for reducing environmental menace at the community and societal level.

  7. To oversee strict adherence to dump management, and ground water safety compliance.

  8. To support health promotion and disease prevention by creating awareness and providing support services on vector control and other environmental situations against the spread of communicable and non communicable diseases.

  9. To provide oversight over the management of public convenience, e.g. excreta disposal, solid waste and waste disposals.

  10. Monitor discrete and illegal tree felling, and indiscriminate deforestation in all frontline states, and across the country.

  11. To enforce environmental sanitation and safety laws.

  12. To oversee certification of range management, establish forest and wild life rangers, and control wild life hunting and bush fire by establishing support service unit across the country.

  13. To provide special safety service unit throughout the country.

  14. To collaborate and partner with government agencies, private bodies, other similar non-governmental organizations and international agencies in safety and environmental protection and support in Nigeria.



To prevent Nigeria from environmental deterioration, SAESI has set up the following but not limited strategies:

  1. To review legislations regarding waste management with a view to streamlining them so that there is a comprehensive and clear role for all the agencies, various tiers of government, as well as the public, including other critical stakeholders.

  2. Continuous public enlightenment on the dangers of municipal solid waste to the general public.

  3. Landfills: Standard landfills (not the ordinary dug earth) should be constructed at specific locations to minimize the impacts of municipal solid waste. Landfills are engineered to protect the environment and prevent pollutants from entering the soil and possibly polluting ground water in one way. The municipal solid waste are synthetic liners like plastic to separate the landfill’s trash from the land below it.

  4. Combustor: This involves the burning of municipal solid waste at extremely high temperatures to reduce waste volume, control bacteria, and sometimes generate electricity.

  5. Regardless of the type of waste management strategies will not translate into reality unless the government takes the required initiatives and makes the necessary inputs available. These inputs do not necessarily have to be financial. For example, waste recycling can be promoted through consumer campaigns encouraging citizens to cooperate in waste separation and promoting recycled products.

  6. Citizens should be made to pay a realistic fee for waste services in return for the guarantee that indeed these services will be provided.

  7. There should be effective and proper monitoring of solid waste disposal activities.

  8. Severe Sanction: Re-introduction and enforcement of monthly sanitation. This will assist in cleaning up the city.

The Environmental Crisis in Nigeria

The lack of education, poverty, and the ever-increasing population has raised many serious environmental issues in Nigeria. There are different approaches to Environmental Solutions but the most effective is the collective and engaged efforts by all civil society organizations, NGOs [like Safety Awareness and Environmental Supports Initiative (SAESI)] and stakeholders. UN Environment has recognized the importance of civil society in environmental sustainability and is actively working to ensure that civil society organizations can play a constructive role in the formulation and implementation of policy and programmes for sustainable development. Through a series of ministerial Declarations and the Governing Council's Resolutions and the strategy paper, 'Enhancing Civil Society Engagement in the Work of the United Nations Environment Programme'. The Environment subprogram should aim to contribute to sustainable development and improved well-being through empowering stakeholders at local, regional and national levels... READ MORE>>



The World Bank is committed to providing technical knowledge and support to member countries, including contributing to the global knowledge exchange on innovation in addressing environmental and transport issues and the pursuit of greener and more inclusive growth...READ ON>>


Teamwork: In a teamwork environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions, and actions are better when done cooperatively. The environment doesn't develop in a vacuum. Business owners and executives must work to deliberately build teamwork among their employees.


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