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Nigerian environment today is faced with many problems, arising from the impacts of human activities and natural phenomenon. The gravity of these problems on the environment led to the formation of SAFETY AWARENESS AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE (SAESI) in January 19, 2014 to address the issues...


Yahaya Mohammed

Controller General SAESI

The mandate of SAESI is to tackle the major environmental issues resulting from improper disposal and poor management of....GO>>




SAESI Vision


“To achieve sustainable environmental safety and development in Nigeria.”


SAESI Mission


“To promote sustainable management of our environmental resources and enforce regulations on environmental safety.”






















































































































































































































































































































in Pictures

At Naija Safety Award: safety award night at Oriental hotel,

Victoria Island, Lagos, May 2018

SAESI courtesy call to ministry

of environment Kaduna to congratulate the new

commissioner of environment

and permanent sec for their

new office appointment and

address others issues raise

by safety awareness.

Visit by the Christian AIDS (CAIDS) to Safety awareness and environmental support initiative


Operation of Unit Office Zone 3 Kafanchan: at Kafanchan ward A and B, Takau 1, Takau 2, Unguwan Musa, Katsit Unguwan Fari, and Unguwan Masara. During the operation we came across some challenges with some of the houses - dirty with no waste water drainages, so we created AWARENESS to them and advised them to keep their environment clean and always clean their drainages.


SAESI at the presentation of Award to Honourable Commissioner of Environment and Natural Resources, Kogi State Mrs. Rosemary Ojochenemi Osikoya as the Environmental Ambassador of Safety support initiatives, June, 2017


SAESI in Kogi State with Hon Commissioner of Environment and Natural Resources Mrs. Rosemary Ojochenemi Osikoya supporting the evacuation of waste and environmental safety March 25, 2017

Passing out Parade Ceremony: Saturday, 11th Feb, 2017

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2017: Briefing by Controller General Safety (CGS) to new members on training and the upcoming POP; and other safety activities


The successful completion of the SAESI POP in pictures



Other Programa by SAESI in pictures



SAESI members during lectures by Kaduna State Fire Service Officials to educate, train and equip SAESI Members with various fire and safety tips in Kaduna


SAESI New Membership and the First POP on 3rd September, 2016

SAESI Trainees on the field from various States of the Federation

Kaduna, Bayelsa, Bauchi, Adamawa, Borno, Kogi, etc to make sure our environment is safe from all challenges and threat

An excursion of BBC World and safety awareness and environmental support initiative (SAESI) to waste water released into a river from NNPC Kaduna and other general waste that lead to environmental degradation. The local village that surround the NNPC are Rome and Rido, also the SAESI were at Nasarawa, Television and Kudendan


SAESI Community service by Muhammed Buhari Way, Kaduna

SAESI Environmental Day Campaign in Pictures


SAESI Lassa and Zika Virus Awareness Campaign in pictures



Kaduna Towh Hall meeting of the Federal Ministry of Information

and Culture which SAESI was a guest



Community service of SAESI new officers from NEPA roundabout to Leventis roundabout and Capital TV compound in Kaduna State





Operation at Kudanden to monitor the metal recycling facility owned by the Federal Ministry of Environment in Kaduna State

















SAESI pride itself with top Management Team and excellent Organizational Structure ready for duty anytime and anywhere to serve the community…Click to see our Organizational Structure>>







Improving Environmental Sustainability in Road Projects































































































































































































































































































































































































































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