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Nigerian environment today is faced with many problems, arising from the impacts of human activities and natural phenomenon. The gravity of these problems on the environment led to the formation of SAFETY AWARENESS AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE (SAESI) in January 19, 2014 to address the issues...


Yahaya Mohammed

Controller General SAESI

The mandate of SAESI is to tackle the major environmental issues resulting from improper disposal and poor management of solid waste in Nigeria....GO>>








































The mandate of SAESI is to tackle the major environmental issues resulting from improper disposal and poor management of solid waste in Nigeria, which constitute physical nuisance to the environment. These solid wastes are blown around by winds or rainstorm making the environment dirty, the waste sometimes block drainage channels during rainstorm causing flooding in the metropolis. The heaps of the solid waste serve as good hideouts for reptiles, rodents, and other dangerous insects. While the solid waste may decompose and emit methane gas, which contributes to climate change, most of the non-decomposable solid wastes contain harmful chemical elements which have severe health implications. Generally, SAESI is concerned about the soil, air and water pollution in the environment caused by both pathogenic and chemical elements from these poorly disposed heaps of solid waste that dot some of the major streets and open spaces in Nigeria. SAESI is of the view that a strong enforcement of environmental legislation with appropriate sanction must be put in place and enforced in a collaborative private and public partnership. There must be a continuous public enlightenment on the dangers of improper municipal waste disposal to the general public. In addition sustainable management of our environmental resources must be seen as a developmental agenda. We must as a community begin to support sustainable resource management through waste recycling.


This profile presents an overview of SAESI and its objectives and strategies. It also avails the public the opportunity to appreciate SAESIís commitment to deliver its mandate. As we forge ahead, we need the trust and support of all stakeholders in the public and private sector and, in fact, the citizens of our great nation, Nigeria, for the sustainability of our environment.


Yahaya Muhammed

The Controller General Safety

Safety Awareness & Environmental Support Initiative

May, 2014












































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